Civil Engineering Services Overview

  • Structure Design
    • Foundation
    • Mechanical Supports
    • Platforms
    • Cranes
    • Load Ratings (floor, shelf)
    • Special Tool Certifications
    • Epoxy Grout Engineering Support
    • Cable Tray Supports
    • Building Code Permits
    • Bridge Design
  • Site Design and Survey
    • Grading Plans
    • Property Plat Survey
    • Contour Survey
    • Flood Plain Studies
    • Roadway Design
  • Environmental
    • SPCC Plan Preparation and Certification
    • Spill Prevention Report Preparation and Certification (Chemical Bulk Storage)
    • ESCGP-1 Permit Applications
    • Stormwater Permit Applications
    • Erosion and Sediment Plan Preparation
    • Impoundment Design

Engineering Awards

Division of Highways Engineering Excellence Award 2010
Our Highway and Bridge department has received numerous awards and recognition for its work.

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